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IMART - Asian & International Groceries - 1250, N. Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

We cater to ALL your Grocery needs - 

We Stock Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani and many other asian food and grocery items: 
1. Rice - Bashmati, Jasmine, Sona Masuri, Brown, Par-boiled rice  and many other varieties. 
2. pulses (Dal) - Mushur, Moong, Kheshari, MashKalai, Booter Dal etc
3. Nan, Rotis, Parathas, Dalpuris and Luchis
4. All kinds of Ground spices - Pepper, Turmeric, curry powder, garlic, ginger, cardimom, cinnemon,  and various recipe based spices.
5. Halal & Organic poultry, beef and goat meat 
6. Various kinds of fishes  - HILSHA, RUHU (Carp), Perch, Bhetki, Papda, Bashpata, Kachki, Tengra, Beli and many other types.
7. Variety of pickles - Mango, Plum (Boroi), Kashmiri Sweet Mango, Garlic, Ginger
8. Many kinds of exotic snacks like - Bhelpuri, Ruchi Chanachur, Phuchka shells, Samosa, Singara (golden triangles)
9. Many king of sweetmeats - Jilebi, Golapjamun etc 


!!Restaurant - NOW OPEN

Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian Cuisine 

Bangladeshi & Indian Groceries &  Food
HALAL & ORGANICS - in Bargain prices
  1. Praesent in urna ac nisi rutrum blandit.
  2. Inside Imart Restaurant/Deli
  3. Our Menu -
  1. Bangladeshi food
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  2. Pakistani food
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  3. Indian food
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IMART RESTAURANT NOW SERVING!!!  As well as Carryout & Catering!